OS X: Running the License Server from standard account

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OS X: Running the License Server from standard account

Postby Peter Richterich » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:31 am

The instructions below describe what you need to run the Aligner License Server from a "standard" (non-administrator) account on OS X.

First, you need to install the Aligner License Server from an administrator account. You also need to enter the license key from the administrator account.

To use the Aligner License Server from a "standard" account, you must change the permissions on several folders and files to give the account you want to use (or perhaps everyone) write permissions:
  1. The "db" folder in the "Aligner License Server" folder, and all files in it
  2. The "Logs" folder in the "Aligner License Server" folder, and all files in it
  3. The "Aligner License Server Preferences" folder in /Library/Preferences, and all files in this folder
One way to change the permissions on these folders and files is to use the Finder's "Info" dialog, as follows:
  • Make sure you are logged into an administrator account, and that the License Server is not running.
  • Open a Finder window that shows the folder you want to change, and select the folder.
  • Choose "Get Info" from the "File" menu (or press Apple-I).
  • Make sure the lock in the bottom right is unlocked; if it is locked, click on it, and enter the administrator password when prompted.
  • Change the permissions so that the standard account has "Read & Write" permissions (for example by giving everyone Read & Write permissions, or by changing the owner to the account you want to use).
  • Apply the changes to all enclosed items. On OS X 10.4, click on the button labeled "Apply to enclosed items". On OS X 10.5, click on the icon at the bottom of the dialog next to the "-" (minus sign), and choose "Apply to enclosed items" from the popup menu.
  • Repeat the steps above for the other folders.
Note that you have to repeat the steps above if you want to start the License Server from a different account in the future.

Another way to do this is from a terminal window while logged in as an administrator by using the commands shown below (however, please note that changing the permissions with terminal commands as described below may fail without any error messages, depending on the setup of your system!). Before entering the commands, you need to quit the Aligner License Server.
Then, open a terminal window (in /Applications/Utilities/), and use copy and paste to enter these commands:
Code: Select all
sudo chmod -R a+w /Applications/Aligner\ License\ Server/db/
sudo chmod -R a+w /Applications/Aligner\ License\ Server/Logs/
sudo chmod -R a+w /Library/Preferences/Aligner\ License\ Server\ Preferences/

This assumes that Aligner License Server was installed in the default location, and that the folder was not moved or renamed. If you installed the Aligner License Server at a different location, or moved the folder afterwards, you need to change the commands above accordingly. A much better idea, however, is to move the Aligner License Server to the default location in /Applications.
Note that all spaces in the folder names are preceded by a backslash ('\').
You will need to type your password when prompted.

You can use the instructions above to run the License Server from a dedicated account with automatic login. If you need help for how to do this, please contact us.
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