Where should I install the Aligner License Server?

Where and how to install the Aligner License Server, and related topics

Where should I install the Aligner License Server?

Postby Peter Richterich » Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:14 pm

  • The Aligner License Server must be installed on one (and just one) computer.
  • The computer used to install the Aligner License Server should be a computer that is always running and connected to your local network, for example a file server used in your lab.
  • This computer should not be allowed to sleep (hibernate), since the License Server will not be available when the computer sleeps.
  • Installing the License Server on laptops or personal computers is generally not recommended, since the License Server will be unavailable if that user is not logged in.
To be able to get licenses from the Aligner License Server, the license server computer must be running (and not sleeping), connected to the local network, and the Aligner License Server program must be running.

On Windows, the Aligner License Server can be run as a Service, and be configured to automatically start whenever the computer starts (detailed instructions to follow).

On Mac OS X, it is necessary that someone is logged in at all times while running the Aligner License Server.
You can set up a dedicated account just for running the Aligner License Server, use automatic login to always log into this account when the computer starts up, and add the Aligner License Server to the login items for this account. For safety reasons, this account should be a "standard" (non-administrator) account (detailed instructions to follow).
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