Source file not found during install

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Source file not found during install

Postby Nina Schweikardt » Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:38 am

What you need to do if you get the following error while installing CodonCode Aligner or the Aligner License Server:
Source file not found:
Verify that the file exists and that you can access it

This problem is caused by antivirus software on your computer.
We have had several reports of the antivirus program "Avast" causing these problems. If you are using Avast you can simply run Aligner in what they call the "Sandbox", which should work without problems.
Or you can add an exception to your antivirus software that will not delete the files in the install folder. For the exact location of you install folder look at the error message you get during the install.
Add the path to your anti virus program's locations where the program should not delete any files. Then download and run the installer again. This second solution should work for most antivirus programs out there.

Some anti virus programs delete files that are needed to install Aligner or the License Server . Please note that every installer for CodonCode Aligner and for the Aligner License Server is checked for viruses and is virus free. Anti virus software sometimes deletes installer files - a behavior that is most common after new updates and it is fixed in later versions of this anti virus program.
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