MacOS 11 (Big Sur) update

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MacOS 11 (Big Sur) update

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CodonCode Aligner was released on February 2, 2021. This is an update for macOS 11 ("Big Sur") that addresses problems that can occur with certain system settings due to changes in Big Sur. Users of CodonCode Aligner 9.0- who use macOS 11, or plan to upgrade to macOS 11 in the future, should update to version

Older versions of CodonCode Aligner are not supported on macOS 11 "Big Sur", but may continue to work. If you use an older version on Big Sur, and experience problems like freezing or unwanted resizing of windows, please quit (or force quit) CodonCode Aligner, open a terminal window, and type the following:

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defaults write com.codoncode.aligner AppleWindowTabbingMode manual
Alternatively, you can open the system preferences, select the "General" tab, and choose "never" in the "Prefer tabs:" pulldown in the bottom third of the window.

Installers can be downloaded from If you are updating from an older version of CodonCode Aligner, please make sure to follow the update instructions on the download page.

Operating System Requirements
- Mac OS X 10.10 or newer
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