CodonCode Aligner 9.0.1 released

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CodonCode Aligner 9.0.1 released

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CodonCode Aligner 9.0.1 was released on October 5, 2019.

CodonCode Aligner version 9 introduces many new features and improvements: a redesigned base view with graphical display of annotations, other features, and restriction enzyme sites; user-changeable colors for tags; the ability to export sequences in Genbank and EMBL format, and to read all features from these formats; new functions to select sequences by name, length, direction, and other criteria; improved clustering; and more.

Version 9 requires a new license key. Version 9.0 is a free upgrade for all users with a current update and support agreement as of October 5, 2019. Users upgrading from older versions will require a new license key, which may require the purchase of an upgrade if the support agreement has expired. If you have questions about your license key or support agreement, or would like to provide feedback, please contact CodonCode's support team.

Installers can be downloaded from If you are updating from an older version of CodonCode Aligner, please make sure to follow the update instructions on the download page.

Operating System Requirements
- Mac OS X 10.7.4 or newer (including OS X 10.13, "High Sierra"); OS X 10.8 or newer recommended
- Windows XP or newer (including Windows 10); Windows 7 or newer recommended
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